Chess 2015

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CHESS is a musical written by Benny Anderson and Bjorn Ulvaeus with lyrics by Tim Rice.


The show opens in Merano Italy in 1979 at the World Chess Federation where the American Frederick Trumper is playing against the Russian Anatoly Sergievsky. A love triangle begins between Anatoly and Florence, Freddy’s manager. When Anatoly beats Freddie in the Final both he and Florence leave defect to the United Kingdom.

One year later at the Chess World Championship Anatoly returns, this time to face off against a Russian, who is being mentored by his old Comerade Molokov. When several players start to turn against him, Anatoly must decide which is most important, winning the game or loosing the love of Florence.

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Anatoly Sergievsky – Tony Carty
Florence Vassy – Aileen Donohoe
Frederick Trumper – Derek Collins
Svetlana Sergievsky – Naoimh Penston
The Arbiter – Eric Hayes
Alexander Molokov – Des Whelan
Walter De Courcey – George Lawlor

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Photos by Paula Malone Carty